DESCENT Planning A32X
iPad Tool for Pilots: Descent Planning A32X
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The Descent A32X app is used to calculate an optimum descent for Airbus A319, A320 and A321.

Enter the cruise data and landing data in order to get the descent planning with a complete descent follow-up which includes the gross weight, wind, speed, etc.


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 Description View
 Description  EXPLANATION of TERMS
   • Description of used terms for the several flight phases during descent

 Descent View

 APP Description  • left, blue picker: set cruise and descent data  
   • middle, green picker: set grossweight,
   pressure, IF altiitude and elevation
   • touch FMS display (fingerprint) to calculate:
 - descent planning
     - follow up

 • if needed, use red constraint picker: set
   - flight level and/or
   - speed
   - trackmiles


 • touch constraint-calculation-screen for:

 - descent planning
 - follow up
   to the defined constraint












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