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Comm Sheets:

  • REGULAR SHEET in format A4 as pdf-file
  • SPLIT-SHEET in double format A4 as pdf-file with 2 pages
  • download all sheets as a multiple-page pdf-file with and without SWISS RFC boundaries

Aviation Topics:

  • ETOPS limitations for flying over the North Atlantic
  • LAND ASAP with a lot of landing possibilities on siberian routes
  • POLAR NAVIGATION for Airbus aircrafts flying north of 60°N

Aviation Tools:

  • TimeZones shows all standard time zones of the world and the daylight saving times
  • MGA Europe is a map of Europe with a 1°-grid and the display of the MGA
  • GreatCircle shows the G/Cs and distances out of Zürich / LSZH / ZRH
  • WindLimits shows you all windlimitations for your aircraft
  • VisualCues helps you to find the expected visual cues at the approach minimum
  • SunRise for calculation of inflight sunrise and sunset between 65°S and 65°N
  • SunSet for calculation of inflight sunrise and sunset between 40°N/S and the poles